Roberto helps people around the world to relax, concentrate and find serenity through ancestral meditation techniques


To be confident, you just have to be comfortable

Roberto explains that if you want to be more confident, you just need to be more comfortable about yourself. If you try to be more comfortable, and tend to do what other people are doing, such as being stronger or something like that, you will just be playing against something that you are not able to overcome. its like you are trying to push or fight against the Ocean, you can't win against the waves. So when you want to be more confident, its just about being more comfortable in every situation, especially the situation that makes you more uncomfortable, and therefore not so confident.

in other words, the only real enemy is within you. If you are not comfortable with a specific person, it is because you are not comfortable with your inner reactions. So meditation helps to calm yourself down, to get aware of why you are not comfortable in that situation and therefore your confidence will become natural.

That's how you want to build your confidence.

The importance of allowing yourself to feel your emotions

Roberto further explains the importance to be open to, whatever feeling, whatever sensations arise in your body.

In a natural condition, you are open to it. Whatever is interfering between you and this openness, is your mind. Meditation is a tool that helps you to get rid of these useless thoughts. and eventually reconnect with your senses, with the feelings. As you do that, you can feel your emotions and therefore you can understand yourself. If you feel your emotion today with the wisdom acquired, you will be able to deal with your past traumatic experiences in a new way, and eventually, you will heal.

Clean up your mind

If you want to take care of yourself, if you want to love yourself, you don't need to do anything. You just need to get rid of all the trash that your mind is giving to you right now, in order to fulfill the need that you had in the past. Only this! Whenever you take out all the trash of your mind, you realize that easy life, such as staying outside, staying with your friends, staying with yourself is already enough. You don't need any toxic relationship in order to be happy, you don't need to be somebody else in your job, you just need to be right here, and right now.

But why are you not already there?

Its not because you are not ready, or you are ignorant, or you don't have the knowledge - it is not about that. Its because in the past, you have contracted your energy with something that was not very wise. Maybe you have identified with a bad relationship, a bad marriage, a bad job ... and at that time, you thought that those were very important to you, but now you know that you had a very lets say, narrow perspective of life, and therefore the mind gives you, what we call the residual thought.

Roberto gives individualized classes in the north of Tenerife

Roberto explains how Tenerife, and especially the north of the island is a very special place for meditation. The green and fresh air, the sky, and the silence is especially magical. The north of Tenerife is a place where you can reconnect with the five senses, through smelling, through what you see, through what you listen, and what you taste and what you touch.

You can forget momentously about your thoughts, to strengthen the connection with the present moment, and slowly work on your mind. Through meditation, you will get rid of all your thoughts and attachments, and emotional blockages, to find peace. And Tenerife is a magical place to do this, it just has all the right tools for it!

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