Knee Replacement program

If you are thinking of knee replacement abroad you will be glad to know that thousands of foreing patients choose this alternative. Travelling to the Canary Islands for your joint replacement surgery can help you save money and eliminate  waiting times.

MBestcare will help you explore your options.

An all inclusive surgery package

  • Hospital stay
  • Surgeon fees
  • Anesthesia charges
  • Cost of implant
  • Cost of medication
  • Airport transfer
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Physiotherapy program during post recovery
  • Anesthesia charges

Planning your surgery

Knee Replacement is a inpatient procedure so you will have to spend 3-4 nights in the hospital. MBestcare offers 3 weeks staying in a 4* or 5* hotels, and hospital stay.

What you will do before surgery and arrival

Your surgeon will want to make sure you are ready for your surgery. To do this, you will have some  tests before surgery

Pre Op tests

  • Some tests are for all surgical patients . Others are done only if you are at risk for certain health  conditions.
  • Blood tests such a complete blood count ( CBC ) and kidney, liver, and blood sugar tests. Chest X-Ray to check your lungs
  • Anteroposterior and lateral X-Ray of the knee under load
  • Lower limbs radiotelegraphy

Complete medical history

Your surgeon and anesthesiologist needs to know a complete history of your health problems
  • Medical conditions and all the medications you are taking at this moment ( certain medications   must be stopped 2 weeks before surgery )
  • Complete surgical history and medical problems that occurred during them . Complete allergy history ( drugs, food,…. )
  • Body mass index
  • Visits with others Doctors. You may need to visit:
    Cardiologist if you have q history of heart problems or if you smoke heavily, have high blood pressure or are out of shape and cannot walk up a flight of stairs
  • Endocrinologist if you have diabetes or if your blood sugar test in your pre-op test was high
  • Hematologist if you have had blood clots in the past or you have close relatives who have had blood clots
  • Your primary care provider for a review of your health problems, exams, and any tests  needed before surgery
  • For all your questions you will have direct access to your surgeon during pre-op time


21 Day Surgery Program
  • Pre-Op Consultation

    You will play attention from your anesthesiologist and your knee surgeon and take pre-op test
  • Surgery
DAY 2 to 5
    • Recover from surgery in the hospital
    DAY 6
    • Rest at the hotel
    DAY 8
    • Post-Op consultation
    DAY 15
    • Post-Op consultation
    DAY 21
    • Leave for home
    • You will receive a personal physiotherapy program in the hotel until the day of departure
    • ‍During your stay at the hotel and, as far as your medical condition allows it , you will be able to carry out multiple personalized activities like cultural visits, excursions or local gastronomy experiences
    • This program is orientative - MBestCare can tailor it and adapt it to the needs or desires of each patient

    About your surgeon

    Dr Jose A. Luis-Ravelo Rodríguez, MD

    Spanish Orthopaedics and Traumatology Society ( SECOT ) with 25 years of knee replacement experience.
    Around 100 knee replacement per year. Excellent results with rapid functional recovery


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    Benefits of knee surgery and replacements in the Canary Islands ...

    Cost Comparison of Knee Replacement in  Different Countries

    United States
    United Kingdom
    $50,000 – $70,000
    $15,300 – $16,800
    $18,000 – $27,000
    $13,500 – $22,500