Forest Bathing

Guided meditation and therapy in the forest of the north of Tenerife, including transfer from/to Puerto de la Cruz.

The Japanese term Shinrin-Yoku is not a new form of Sushi, but actually the name of one of the world's fastest growing health trends – a meditation for total relaxation by bathing in the forest. Shinrin-Yoku means "taking in the forest atmosphere with all the senses" in Japanese, or literally "forest bathing".

The method is Japanese and has emerged as a response to the stress symptoms that are spreading across the world today. And the research results clearly show that blood pressure drops, stress hormones are reduced, sleep becomes deeper, concentration improves and the immune system increases after stays in the forest.

Roberto changing Yoga pose

Yoga Sessions in Taoro Park

Roberto guides you through the magic of Yoga in the green Taoro Park

Alain giving classes of Chi-Kung

Chi-Kung (Tai-Chi) Session

A session with Alain in Chi-Kung

People doing Yoga on the Beach in Tenerife

Yoga Sessions at the Beach

Participate in a rejuvenating Yoga session at the beach!

Mindfulness class

Mindfulness and full consciousness class

Holistic Workshop

An individual talking activity session, which are combined with walks in relaxed environments. The focus lies on different aspects of holistic health, such as the physical, mental, emotional and energetic presence. These workshops can be adapted freely to your specific preferences.

Online Meditation (Zoom)

Online sessions in case you are not in Tenerife, and need guidance.

People doing Yoga in the green park

Classes & Activites

For Massages, aesthetic treatments and other Wellness activities, you are welcome to contact us for reservations under telephone +34 653 57 81 77

We are located at in Hotel Taoro Garden!

Calle Dinamarca nr. 3 - Planta -1
Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

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The nature around the hotelLooking at the view from above the clouds in Tenerife