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About Mbestcare

Wellbeing based on scientific evidence and nature

March 8, 2015

MBestcare is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. We focus on proactive health & well being and design high quality holiday programs, such as retreats and wellness experiences for travelers and locals.

Our objective is to promote activities that enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of our guests, and motivate people to come with us looking for a ‘change‘, an ‘escape’, or to improve and maintain a balance for a healthy lifestyle experience during their vacation time. To be able to do so, MBestcare collaborates with trusted experts and highly skilled coaches and therapists in order to give the best service possible. Our collaborators have excellent and relevant experiences in the field of wellness and wellbeing, using the latest facts and findings in their activities to make the experiences educational, rewarding and enjoyable.

Furhermore, MBestcare collaborates with trusted local suppliers, such as guides, restaurants, drivers, hotels and other accommodation facilities on the island. We personally select the overnight stays to meet the requirements of the guest, but also depending on the design of the program for the best possible experiences. Quality and comfort is always a high priority in our selection and service, as well as the unique nature together with the mild climate found in the Canary Islands all year round, which creates the primary condition for wellbeing and proactive health for our guests.

Yoga Retreat in the Canary Islands
March 8, 2015

Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain!

Tenerife is characterized with a microclimate through the trade winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The island is also known for its "eternal spring", and for this reason it is a very popular destination to get some sun and enjoy fascinating volcanic nature, all year round. The average temperature in the winter season is around 18ºC and in the summer season, around 25ºC.

In the past, many European doctors, especially English and Dutch, praised the island for these characteristics, and so they recommended it to their patients. If we go back to the beginning, when the tourists started to arrive on the island, we were already speaking about health tourism. Travelers of the eighteenth century already highlighted, that the benefits of the climate in the Canary Islands helped to cure lung diseases and other pathologies. Starting of the 19th century, thousands of patients have taken advantage of its medical qualities, for cure, healing and wellbeing.

Yoga Retreats in the Canary Islands
Authentic wellbeing

Local Authenticity

March 8, 2015

The local culture in the Canary Islands is traditionally made out of welcoming, tolerant, peaceful and cosmopolitan personalities, where the locals take care of the family and its elders. Canary Islanders have a reputation for being calm, sociable and friendly people, always ready to smile and collaborate. They like to be in company and value social relationships and contact with nature and the sea as an intrinsic part of island life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, statistics indicated that the Canarian community was one of the communities in Spain with the lowest incidence of infections. In addition, among those infected, the symptoms have been the mildest compared to other autonomous communities in Spain, with fewer respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. The elderly people living in the Canary Islands have been among those with the lowest mortality rate from the Sars-Cov-2 nationwide. These aspects reflect the benefits of nutrition, the social life and lifestyle that promotes
mental health and wellbeing in the Canary Islands.

CEO and founder Marta of MBestcare

CEO & Founder of MBestcare - Marta Belén González

March 8, 2015

Her training experience and her years in Health Management for more than a decade give her a broad vision and knowledge in the world of health. These years have allowed her to know where and how to find those health services that offer the highest medical quality and hospital excellence. Graduated in Economics from the University of La Laguna, she specialized in Hospital Management and Health Economics. Her obsession with always offering top-quality management has made her "the eternal student", always combining her professional activity with the improvement and expansion of her knowledge. In constant training, she has completed the Master's Degree in Health Economics and Health Management at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, she completed the DSIS Executive education program at the ESADE Business School in Madrid (program in Integrated Health Services Management) . She has also completed the PADE Executive management program at the IESE Business School in Madrid. In addition, her relationship with the academic world covers the field of teaching as a professor of the University Master's Degree in Business Administration - MBA at the European University of the Canary Islands and of the health management module in the advanced program of management of private centers and clinics at the School of Business of the Canary Islands. Regarding her professional career in healthcare management, she started at the San Juande Dios Hospital in Tenerife, where she was the Financial Director for 8 years until 2009. Later, at the end of 2010, she became To become the Managing Director of USP Hospital La Colina, one year after assuming her management, she received the task of directing USP Hospital Costa Adeje, thus becoming the Managing Director of the two hospitals that the company had in Tenerife. She continued in the position when the centers were acquired by the Quirón Hospital Group until September 2014. Moment in which he decides to start his project: the creation of MBestcare, the company in which to pour his extensive knowledge of the health world through management, coordination and continuous search for the best medical teams, always satisfying the real needs of patients through excellence in all its aspects as the main objective.