Has stress become more familiar?

With the likes of Covid-19, the cost-of-living crisis and general day to day life becoming more demanding, it is no surprise that both anxiety and depression (two by-products of stress) have increased by an expediential 25% worldwide since the start of the pandemic.

Although we may believe that stress is just a factor we are going to have to live with, mitigating the amount experienced is vital, not only for our health but also for longevity. In a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, results found that prolonged exposure to stress can increase the chances of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, the importance of it’s management is paramount. Several techniques can be implemented both on the go and habitually that are free of charge and proven to alleviate stress, such as deep breathing, sound healing, and meditation. Although these options may seem intimidating at first, the impact of their results can be astounding. If you are struggling to start, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message, we are always more than happy to help! 

MBestcare prides itself in offering customised and affordable wellness packages that focus on all the main pillars of longevity, as well as providing a well-needed break in one of the most breathtaking and versatile landscapes.

Let us know what helps you to relax?

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