Is Vitamin D really that important?


Is Vitamin D really that important?

Like most living beings, Vitamin D is a vital part of our bodily functions, both mentally and physical. When feeling sluggish, we often turn to our lack of sleep or dietary choices as a contributor, which is rightfully so. However, once we are unable to find the root cause in either, we are often left with lots of questions and still, near to no answers. With an estimated 1 in 5 people in the U.K being vitamin D deficient, there is a high probability, especially in the winter months that this could be the root cause of many of our struggles. With symptoms ranging from weakened muscle function, fatigue, hair loss and even the inability to heal properly.

Although several changes can be made through diet and supplement implementations, it is important to understand that as living creatures it is vital for both our bodies and minds to be exposed to sunlight. Helping to regulate our circadian rhythms, boost our immune system, improve skin health, and enhance mood and morale.

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